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THINK HAPPY STUFF was birthed in 2006 out of my struggle with depression.  I don’t even really like the word "happy". I mean, what does “happy” even really mean? It has as many definitions as there are people.
I have not discovered some new secret to happiness. I, like yourself, am on a journey. This is not some, “I’ve arrived! Do it my way!” kind of schtick. There have been seasons of my life where the journey has been messy and complicated. In my brokenness, I have hurt people, and I’ve been hurt by others. I once heard someone say, “Life would be easy if it weren’t for people!” I agree. I am living and learning and hopefully growing a little more each day. Everything I surround myself with makes a difference. When I choose one of my THINK HAPPY STUFF mugs each morning, I am making a conscious decision to be mindful of the good things in my life. A mug reminds me that I have a choice in how I view the challenges life brings.
I created it because I need it.
The font is my handwriting. The flower doodle was taught to me by my mother who learned it from her mother.
Before I created THINK HAPPY STUFF, I would see shirts that proclaimed how good life is, but I have often struggled with believing that was true. I didn’t need a shirt that declared “all is well" when I didn't feel that way at all.. I needed a message that challenged my thinking. The struggles I had were rooted in my state of mind.
THINK HAPPY STUFF felt trite without an anchor. Waking up one morning, it came to me. “Change your thinking. Change your world.” The phrase did not come from within my mind, it was external. So my response was, “WOAH! I like that!” And I rolled over, grabbed a pen and scribbled it down. (I now have that piece of paper framed in my office.) I had never heard those words before, but a couple weeks later, I was walking in the park and noticed a plaque that read, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I have since seen many books with similar titles. Ecclesiastes 1:9 says “….there is nothing new under the sun.”
The words I scribbled out that morning were nothing new, but they were new to me, and they are words I certainly need to be reminded of daily.

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