our story

THINK HAPPY STUFF began in 2007. From the very first day, I was asked for the story behind the logo. I have since fine-tuned a brief answer to the question of how the company was birthed by saying, “It came out of pain and struggle. It was something I needed, and something I CONTINUE to need.”

But here I will share a little more detail. The font of the logo is my own handwriting. It is used in my book and on all of the product line.  

The flower is a doodle that my grandmother taught my mother, who in turn taught me. I never included a smiley face until it was used with think happy stuff at the suggestion of my son A.J.

I have struggled with depression...sometimes I still do.

Somewhere along my journey, I learned that EVERYTHING I surround myself with makes a difference.EVERYTHING.

The mug I use to drink my tea out of in the morning, the magnets on my fridge, the books I choose to read, even the t-shirt I wear- it ALL makes a difference.

I needed the reminder that I have a CHOICE as to how I face the challenges life brings. Life is not easy, and certainly does not always feel good.  But I can choose to persevere well, to be grateful and to focus on the positive. Again, something I am still learning to do.

I have eight children- four birth and four adopted. 

think happy stuff owner, christine feketeWe wanted to adopted older “at risk” children- the ones it seemed that others weren't lining up for. (Although the line should have been around the block for the ones we got, as they are AMAZING!). So we adopted two bi-racial brothers when they were six and eight. One daughter when she was 16, and our son from China when he was nine.We have had our challenges, but all of my children are absolutely inspiring to me. They are resilient and accepting and adapt to change in ways I wish I could even begin to comprehend.

As I state in my little gift book, I am a mess.  But I am a blessed mess.  I am now divorced, but my ex-husband remains one of my closest friends and is an amazing and dedicated father. We received much help from the community in the adoption process and through think happy stuff, we “pay it forward.” by donating to charities....mostly children's based.

We are family-owned and operated.

We use recycled papers and soy based inks as much as possible. We re-use boxes and packing materials. All printing is done in the USA and we try to use American made goods when possible.

Thank you for your support and interest in think happy stuff. And thank you most of all for sharing YOUR stories with us! You have inspired me to keep pressing forward through all the challenges running a small business brings. There were times I may not have received a paycheck, but I would receive a picture or a story from someone who said think happy stuff helped keep them going through difficult times. That was water to my soul!  You are very much appreciated!  Thank you!

Christine Knapp-Fekete
founder, think happy stuff, inc.