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Because I need it!

How did THINK HAPPY STUFF begin?  Because I needed it for myself!  I needed the reminders to think on the GOOD things in life.  I needed to surround myself with encouragement and things that would help put ME back on the right path in my thinking.   And ten years later, I STILL very much need those daily reminders, perhaps now more than ever!

We have always kept it simple.  It's not about creating new catchy phrases or cute designs for our products.  It is simply "think happy stuff".   A reminder that we have a CHOICE in how we think and face the challenges life will bring.  

I recently found a note that my son Michael had written on a piece of scratch paper for me a few years ago...he must have been nine years old.  It read, "A little reminder can make a BIG difference".  I have that hanging in my office to this day.

The last ten years have held many changes for our family and our company.  You may have read on the site that we have eight children- four birth and four adopted.  It's been a challenging road in many ways.  Divorce, children off to college, facing the "empty nest" and a big move to L.A. for me and one of my daughters.  Believe me, we are bringing the small town love of our beloved "Franklin, TN" to the big city!  And am eternally grateful for the love, support and friendship of my ex-husband on this journey!

This last year has been a massive time of transition and stress for many of us, whether you have moved across the country or not.  And in recent days, I have been reminded more than ever that THINK HAPPY STUFF is needed for much of us.  

I am recommitting to post more updates and keeping THINK HAPPY STUFF going!  Not only for you, but for ME as well!  

With love and appreciation,


Posted by Christine Fekete at 6:59 PM