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Because I need it!

How did THINK HAPPY STUFF begin?  Because I needed it for myself!  I needed the reminders to think on the GOOD things in life.  I needed to surround myself with encouragement and things that would help put ME back on the right path in my thinking.   And ten years later, I STILL very much need those daily reminders, perhaps now more than ever! We have always kept it simple.  It's not about creating new catchy phrases or cute designs for our products.  It... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Reminder to Self.

Many are aware that anger is a secondary emotion and that the primary emotion that leads us to anger is hurt. But why is it that some of us seem to "hurt" more easily than others? The struggle for myself lies in the area of EXPECTATIONS. I am what's called an "empath" and am somewhat intuitive...often, I am very intuitive. So if people are hurting, I can sense it. If I sense someone is lonely or isolated, I reach out. If someone needs a word of encouragement, I will give... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother’s Day is approaching- a day we are reminded that we should celebrate our moms.  However, this is a day that may be quite difficult for some.  Perhaps your mother has died, is quite sick and just not “herself” anymore.  Maybe you have  had a falling out with your mom and simply do not speak anymore.  Maybe you do not even know your mother.  I have four adopted children, all were abandoned by their mothers, and three of them were very much abused... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Friday, April 29, 2016

Changes, moves, transitions and more!

The last few months has been full of change. As adventurous as “change” can sound, it’s not an easy process for me- especially when it involves a cross-country move! In January, 2016, my daughter, Samantha and I moved to Los Angeles, California. Quite a change from our home of 16 years in Franklin, Tennessee! Samantha, is an actress and model. She recently acquired a manager and agent in L.A. And California has always received THINK HAPPY STUFF well- so here we are! The emotions I have... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Monday, March 7, 2016

The Joy of Giving, the Joy of Recieving

Samantha (in back) is visiting her big sis in ALASKA! So HAPPY they get this time together thanks to a friend who donated frequent flyer miles! Somebody took something that they weren't using and gave her a phenomenal gift! Maybe there's something special that you can do today for someone else! Maybe it's just time to clean out your closet and make a donation of those items to your favorite charity? YOU can impact somebody's day in a very powerful way TODAY! Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Thursday, June 25, 2015

From the mouths of babes

In a recent attempt to once again organize my office, I came across some old scribblings of mine.  I found several pages of notebook paper documenting some of the wonderfully ridiculous things my children would utter.  YAAAY to me for making this effort because I needed the unexpected smile one note in particular brought me:"What if beds were made of dead cats?  That'd be gross."Unfortunately, I failed to document which of my children made this profound observation! ... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Thursday, April 30, 2015

8 Minutes

The passengers knew for several minutes, perhaps as many as eight minutes that their plane was going down.  Eight minutes.  It's impossible for me not to think about thoughts that may race through my head. Regrets?  Definitely. Unresolved relationship issues?  Without question.  My mind and heart would be consumed with PEOPLE...loved ones...ones I whom I wished I would have loved "better" THIS side of heaven.  I would NOT be thinking of money, bills, undone laundry... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sweater Man

There are awkward social moments that are seem to be unavoidable.  That quietness in an elevator packed with people, sighting a neighbor in the store and hiding behind a display to avoid them, the long wait in the doctor’s office with no one interacting.  This morning, at the chiropractor, a man walked into the waiting room wearing an AWESOME sweater.  In the midst of a packed waiting room, a very SILENT waiting room, I blurted out “THAT is an AWESOME sweater!”  It took the... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Monday, January 26, 2015

For Katy in Texas.

I just got a “friendly” reminder from “Katy” in Texas that I have not blogged in two months.  “Why haven’t you been blogging?”  she asks.  SO….Here I am…faced with the genre of question that most of us get a dozens times a day….”How ARE you???”  Not that most put enough emphasis on the question to warrant a heartfelt reply.  I mean, do they REALLY want to know?  A few do…most likely don’t.  But what a revolution it would be if we all started answering that... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Monday, January 12, 2015

Living and Learning

I've always wrestled with being a bit of a "people pleaser" - or as some call it an "approval suck". As I contemplate this innate tendency of mine, I realize at age 46, I have likely hurt, alienated, disappointed and offended more souls than I could even be consciously aware of. Surprisingly, instead of this truth bringing self condemnation, I find it strangely freeing. I will never please everyone. I can never make everyone like me. I have, and I will hurt and offend. What is essential is that... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Sunday, September 14, 2014


Nothing kicks me in the emotional ass like when I bring THINK HAPPY STUFF to an event like The National Women’s Survivor Convention.  I already wrestle with guilt and self condemnation. To be sounded by such vibrant women who are facing death can lead me to feeling guilt that my greatest physical and emotional challenge is depression. And of course they can relate to depression because they have CANCER!  But I don’t have cancer and yet still can get depressed.  And so the cycle... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Friday, August 1, 2014


ARRRGH! I am such a MESS! It is graduation week for my FIRST born child! My father arrives TOMORROW and we are hosting a party on Saturday. Could be 50 people, could be 300 - WHY do people NOT RSVP anymore??? So how am I tackling the week's madness this Tuesday? I AM STILL IN BED! Overwhelmed. A bit afraid to acknowledge all that still "has to be" done. But does it REALLY "have to be" done? Some of it yet, but not all of it. Time to scale back on that IDEALISTIC list of TO DO's and... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grace runs deep

There are times I just want to disappear, fade But I need to trust that there IS a plan, that I AM getting stronger, that I will be better, and that I CAN make it through.  Believe me, I have believed the lie that it would be better to fall asleep and just not wake up. But it is a LIE. And tomorrow IS a NEW day. And GRACE runs DEEP. And I AM needed. YOU ARE needed!  We are uniquely US.   And "we", my friends, are going to make a DIFFERENCE that the... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm a rescuer

I have stayed in relationships too long because I project some IDEA on to that other person...what I want him to be, what he could help me become, what I could help HIM become. This most certainly has applied with girl friends in my life as well…I don't to discriminate here!  I am a "rescuer" by nature.   Why?  (Here comes the insight from my Psych 101 class…) Because I want to be "rescued".  I want things to be EASIER.  SIMPLER.  More peaceful and... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Monday, April 7, 2014

Losing trust in people feels like the loss of life.

Losing trust in people feels like the loss of life. The disconnection, the distance that follows. Life is just not the same. Today, I feel that "death". Now I have a I let my heart be hardened? Build more walls? Isolate myself? Stay bitter? Grow hateful? Hurt, resentment, anger...yes, in all honesty, there will be some of that. (I am still in the "sanctification" process and far from "glorification" which only comes from my death.) But since I have no plans to die... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I need to think happy stuff!

I did not create THINK HAPPY STUFF because I know the secret of being "happy", I created think happy stuff because I NEED it…desperately.   I need to surround myself with reminders to think on the GOOD things, to try and stay positive and hopeful. I give others grace much more easily than I give myself. I have guilt, self-loathing and self-condemnation down to an art form. I am a hypocrite and contradict myself constantly…just ask my children.It takes a LOT of effort and energy being... Read More
Posted by Christine Fekete at Wednesday, March 12, 2014